I’m not sure what to write about, there are so many things running through my head. 

Do I talk about research, and the difference it can make to your story? How going to a place can allow you to see and feel aspects that you wouldn’t have understood otherwise?

Or, do I talk about the author/editor thing, and how it seems to flow out of different parts of the brain? And how I’m utterly stuck in a blockaded no-words-for-you zone with my current WIP.

Or, maybe, the great trans kids I’m working on a memoir project with?  And how I need a keynote speaker for the anthology launch.

How about the constant learning I’m doing on how my depression combines with panic to create a super-tar-demon? And the ‘just waiting for the other shoe to drop any second’ aspect? What’s the difference between denying it and living around it?

I’m learning to bake. And I made flowers out of stuff you’re supposed to be able to eat, though real flowers dipped in paint thinner would have tasted better. 


Q: How is your stuff going?

One thought on “Just…stuff. 

  1. Paint thinner?
    I’m learning to bake gluten free, but I use a box mix and add stuff like bananas, honey, and cinnamon.
    I’m finally able to take time to read works by fellow authors, study grammar, take care of Mom, and get back to an exercise routine.
    My stuff.


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