Word Ouch

Are you an author? What would you tell someone going through their first major edit? Have a story you could share? 

One thought on “Word Ouch

  1. Advice from the pov of an author: repeat the following phrase: “it’s not personal, it’s not personal, it’s not personal”.

    Advice from the pov of an editor: trust the editor. Look for why they’ve made the changes they have, and remember that an editor sometimes looks with a commercial eye as well as an artistic one. Don’t be precious. My worst experiences as an editor giving line edits to a writer (of a short story in an anthology) is when they rejected half the edits because they couldn’t (and I quote) touch their darlings and in the end they were so combative that I removed them from the anthology. There’s nothing wrong with questioning edits if you really don’t agree with them, but otherwise… trust your editor.


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