Word Magic

Someone said to us recently, “If you can speak, you can write.” 

Now, as someone who teaches writing and works with authors at every stage of their careers, this statement shouldn’t have surprised me. But it did. 

She was right, though. Humans are natural storytellers. We go home and rant about a co-worker, we describe our loneliness, we talk what-ifs and why-nots. We tell stories and make up scenarios. 

Sometimes I get so focused on the mechanics and study of writing, I forget how wonderful it is to see someone be truly, purely, creative. No rules, no prescribed boundaries. Simply writing for fun and new knowledge. There was still teaching involved, but on a more intrinsic, words-are-magic level. 

And, indeed, seeing someone who came in with nearly no confidence leave feeling like she can achieve what she wants to–Magic indeed. 

Today, I am feeling almost overwhelmingly fortunate. 

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