Reality TV Elections 

I tried to stay out of the political fray, for the most part. 

I might have shared the occasional article I saw on FB, but aside from that, I didn’t mention much. 

This wasn’t because I didn’t care. On the contrary, it’s a subject weighing heavy. (As it is not only for Americans, but for much of the world.)

I stayed silent because I’m lucky enough to have pretty much all democratic, equality seeking, left of center folks on my social networking sites. So I’d have been preaching to the choir, so to speak. 

And to those few who, astoundingly, were Trump supporters, despite his horrific ignorance, lack of experience, and truly deplorable attitudes toward everyone but white men…well, I wasn’t about to change their minds. Not with articles, not with facts, not with arguments. 

Because this election, perhaps more so than any other in history, is not based on facts. It’s based on the basest of human emotions, on the desire for change even at the cost of our own Liberty. It’s based on the kind of reality tv drama that has become so popular over the last decade. The kind of shows that replaced knowledge based shows, even on National Geographic. 

It’s based on being the kids that hang out with the bully, instead of the nerds. 

So, I didn’t bother to argue, even though I remained deeply incredulous, disturbed, and saddened at the fact someone like him could even run, let alone be seen as a viable candidate to run a powerful country. I still feel those things tonight as I keep refreshing my screen for results, even though they won’t be in until the wee hours in the UK. 

I managed to vote from the UK. Yes, I voted for Hilary. But more than that, I voted for reason, for sanity, for the potential to escape having countries with bullies at their helms as bed-buddies. I voted against dire racism, misogyny, homophobia, bullying, and someone who cares only, ultimately, for himself. 

When I wake tomorrow, I can only hope enough others have done the same. I may no longer live there, but this election effects the world. 

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