12 Days of Writing Tips

Hello again. 

Life is a time thief, isn’t it? It rips it away like a fancy tablecloth, leaving just the used dishes on the bare tabletop. 

I started this blog to talk about writing and words, and I seem to have derailed from that slightly. So I’m going to make it up to you by focusing on writing stuff for the days leading up to Christmas (or anything else you may celebrate this time of year). The holiday season is a time of words, after all; happy ones, written ones, some on tags, some on cards,the tense, pregnant ones we share with family, the ones we wish we could have said to those we no longer have the chance to share them with… 

And for many writers, this is down time from the day job, when we’re able to plant ourselves in our happy word-places and draw forth the word-magic. 

So. Starting tomorrow it’s all about writing tips. After working with writers for over a decade now, there are a few things I see so consistently I’m quite happy to write about them. And, now that I’m on the other side of the word fence as a writer, I may touch on that stuff, too. We’ll see what rises from the alphabet soup, shall we? 

Oh , and I’ll be participating in the Hootenanny over at Women and Words, under my pen name Brey Willows, if you want to check out the fabulous word-chaos happening over there, too. 

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