The meaning of life 

There’s nothing like writing about religion to make you ask the big questions; what would Jesus like to eat? If God exists, what would he/she/they wear? Does blue skin burn in the sun? Who makes the clothing for the gods with lots of limbs? Are there godly tailors? 

And then, you know, there are the less interesting questions; why are we here, what does it all mean, etc. 

Right now, I’m writing about a lot about death. I’m looking at what makes life so worth living that we do what we can to avoid leaving it, as much as we can. If we looked at death differently, with less fear, would we treat life as less valuable? 

So here is my question for you: what makes life meaningful for you? 

Is it family? Love? Friends? Doing good deeds? The afterlife? Leaving a legacy? 

When this crazy, relatively short, adventure ends, what is it that will have made your personal journey meaningful? 

3 thoughts on “The meaning of life 

  1. Getting to the inbetween place/afterlife/? and crossing items of my ‘lessons learned’ bucket list so I can head out for the next adventure in the mortal realm.
    (‘lessons’ in the spiritual/experiential sense, not the patriarchal reward/punishment sense)

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  2. What I value here in what we call life is, simply speaking, the love I’ve given and received, which brings in family and friends as well as any activities and roles through which I’ve shared intimately with others. I suspect, though, outside of the physical realm which keeps us separate, there are far more ways to share and experience love, and to much greater depths, but that state of being remains the unknown. I think to some degree–maybe to a large degree–I, and others, “value” life for its “knownness.” Even if we explore death through religion and study, it still is merely speculated on, not known, but to the degree we fight to stay alive through medical procedures, we are choosing that over the actual experience.

    It reminds me of a cartoon I saw years ago that was a picture of a flight of stairs, and at the landing, there was a sign that said “Heaven” with an arrow pointing to the left, and “Lecture on Heaven” with an arrow pointing to the right. And all of the people going up the stairs were going to the right. 🙂

    Thanks for this post and this question that gave me something interesting to think about in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep.

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  3. Shouldn’t that be “IF this crazy…adventure” ends? We could just have a short intermission between THIS life and the NEXT, so the adventure continues, like Widdershins suggests. Regardless, I hope that my choices, decisions, actions have NOT made a negative impact on people or the world itself. It would be nice if I’ve made positive impacts or at least positive ripples though time, but our spheres are limited. I just try to be a good and honorable being. If I can do my part to help others, I will do my best and hope that I succeed. If we remain sentient beings beyond the current physical life time of our bodies, then I hope I have learned from any mistakes I’ve made and I remember those lessons. So I can make the world that little bit better, and that my next life can be as blessed as this one. I’m selfish that way.


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