Sleep working 

I don’t understand how we can already be at the tip of August. Where has the rest of the summer gone? Washed away by the copious, cold drops that continually fall out of the English sky, perhaps… 

Or something. 

All I know is that we’ve got an insanely hectic month ahead. It’s full of all kinds of lovely and wonderful things, including a visit from my mom and this one day where I’ll be wearing a special dress. (That photo is from one of the Sitting with Jane book benches.) 

I’ve finished my third book, and I’m starting my fourth. Last night, I dreamt the proposal for my fifth. This morning I drafted three proposals before I was fully awake. Because, you see, wee hours and evenings are set aside for creativity, which have little room to play in my daytime life. 

Brighton Pride, Hebden Pride, and Manchester Pride all get some attention this month, which was partly why I couldn’t handle my hometown pride this weekend. I needed to care for my inner introvert, whom I so often push into social situations. I spent time in the garden on Saturday, and didn’t change out of my pjs all day on Sunday. 

And that means that as we tumble into August, I am recharged enough to smile and appear, for all intents and purposes, as human. For a while, anyway. 

If you happen to be at any of the Pride events, pop over and say hey, would you? It’s always nice to know there’s someone reading this… 

Hope you’re having a great summer too. 

2 thoughts on “Sleep working 

  1. Oh, I’m positive many are reading this. You continue to be an inspiration to me. Enjoy yourself. I look forward to seeing you in Ptown this year.



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