In your twenties, you know everything. And if you don’t, you figure it’s not worth knowing. 

Hopefully you outgrow that attitude, eventually. You realise that opinions around you may vary. You realise that listening and puzzling and then making a decision is a good idea. You also realise there are those who know better than you. There is always more to learn.

Because you don’t know everything. 

Maybe you disagree with someone. Maybe there needs to be a larger conversation, with room for negotiation. 

But let me assure you; if you come across as patronising and know it all, you’re shooting your self in the proverbial. Be condescending, refuse to listen and accept that there is someone who knows better, and probably someone who knows better than the other three people you asked, and you should really expect the kick you get in return. 

Oh, and throw someone else under the bus in the process? Yeah… that ends well. 


Be grateful that someone is willing to help you. Be glad they’re not just letting you fall on your face. Be happy they’re willing to work with you at all; often, it would be easier to cut you loose. 

Granted, they’re not perfect. They may not see what you do. They, too, probably don’t know everything and are still learning. So have a conversation about it. Work it through. Try to show them your idea more clearly so they can help. If you need to stand firm, do it respectfully. Explain. If they’re trying and being professional, return the courtesy. (If they’re being absolute ass-hats, that’s a different scenario. But make sure you’re not the ass-hat before calling them out.) 


There are reasons I’m an introvert. I am not good at peopleing. 

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