Never Underestimate a List


An old friend of mine used to say that when coherent words escape you, start a list.

  1. So I’m starting a list.
  2. Christmas and New Year were absolutely perfect in every way. Food, movies, snuggles. Exactly the right amount of each.
  3. My wife literally gave me the moon. (a 3D printed topographical light-up version.)
  4. A girl can never have enough blank notebooks.
  5. I can never find one of those notebooks when I want one.
  6. In 2017 we went to five different countries. I think Greece (Lesbos) might have been my favorite.
  7. We realized that we have yet to take an actual vacation (more than four days) that is just about us. No books, or book things, or other people.
  8. America is on the list this year. It’s a book thing with other people.
  9. January is the hardest month for me mentally and emotionally. I hate it.
  10. I am beyond lucky to get to play with words all day, every day.
  11. And to do so with my wife.
  12. I want to read more. A lot more.
  13. I have two novels coming out this year.
  14. I’m also writing two more novels this year.
  15. I seem to have lost several friends.
  16. But I’ve gained a few others.
  17. Coffee spritzer is not meant for humans. It is vile.
  18. Bird seed eventually smells like the ass end of a sewage plant.
  19. I have a whole new understanding of who I am. It’s not always the same on any given day.
  20. I’m going to blog more this year. I’m going to take more photos. I’m going to love deeper and play with abandon.

5 thoughts on “Never Underestimate a List

  1. 1. I love your list and was happy following your thoughts.
    2. Old bird seed does smell phwaw!
    3. I am sorry you lost friends.
    4. Coffee spritzer sounds indecent 😉
    5. Thank you for sharing.
    6. See you later this year.


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