Cultural Roots and Communal Behavior: A Discussion Between Aurora Rey and Ashley Bartlett Part 3

This is the third installment of a truly fabulous conversation between very talented, very intelligent, and very funny, authors. You should have a read.

Women and Words

As promised, here is the final installment of my conversation with Aurora Rey about the intersection of cultural roots and queerness. In part our discussion was a result of this essay at Autostraddle, which I can’t believe you haven’t read yet. If you would like some context, here are parts 1 and 2 of our conversation.

AURORA REY: I’ve been thinking a lot about how our role models growing up shape who we become, as well as what we’re attracted to. I’ve not sorted my own out completely, but I’m coming to accept there’s more underpinning it than I’ve wanted to admit. Again, it comes back to identity versus attraction, how and where those lines intersect.

ASHLEY BARTLETT: That makes sense. Regardless of how toxic the society we grow up in is, we still absorb it.

AURORA REY: And there are parts of even the worst environment that…

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