Just a little vitamin D

“And they will not see the sun again for four months…” (planet earth)

I think one of the most difficult things about moving from California to England is the lack of sunshine. This time of year I start to feel like one of those emperor penguins in the Antarctic. Day upon day of grey, cloudy skies letting loose droplets of water; sometimes in spits, sometimes in torrents. Jackets are still out, even though buds are showing on the trees. It rains an average of 36 days a year in Southern California. In England it rains 133 days a year.

Gods, I miss the sun.

And according to a lot of the climate research I did for my next book, England is going to see less and less sun in the coming decades. Global climate change means heat and clouds, so while it will get warmer, there will also be more rain.

More. Rain.

We’re heading to Vegas in July, and though it will be unbearably hot, I can’t wait to see the sun again.

4 thoughts on “Just a little vitamin D

    1. We were talking about that English optimism today with my father-in-law, who is convinced we’ll get plenty of sun before then… and how long since it’s been a ‘really good summer’… 🙂


  1. It will depend on what the Gulf Stream does. It’ll either be as you said, or Great Britain an Western Europe will end up cooling way down and drying out. I’ve seen models predict it both ways. We do live in interesting times.


    1. Right? No one seems to know for sure except in the places that are already extreme (like the deserts.) I think the only consistent prediction for the UK is more grey.

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