Holding onto my tail

In just a few days, there’s a big thing happening here.

Backing up…

For the last eight years we’ve had the annual Bold Strokes Book festival in Nottingham. Every year the UK/EU authors come together for a weekend of LGBTQ fiction. This kind of thing happens often in the States, but opportunities to do it in the UK aren’t as frequent.

It’s been a great eight years. And over the course of those eight years, I’ve been nagging at the boss’s boots to join us. Then we got to talking about doing the biannual retreat here…

And here we are. At year nine, we’re doing the retreat for BSB authors/staff/family, and that will be followed by the annual LGBTQ fiction event. Twenty-eight authors, along with their family, partners, friends, etc, will be in Nottingham for an entire week. There’s been loads of planning, a zillion emails, a quadrillion phone calls, and even a three way international Skype conversation…Β I’m constantly telling myself the glass is half-full, and it won’t go down in a ball of literary fire… but my naturally Eeyore nature is convinced my tail will fall off any second.


On Monday, people start arriving from all over the world for this very special week. If I said I wasn’t crapping myself about it I’d be lying. As the Notts ‘host’, and the person who begged for the opportunity, I’m praying everyone has a good time and feels theΒ  trip was what they wanted it to be. We’ve sold a lot of tickets (nearly sold out) which is fantastic, so at least the yearly pressure of will anyone show up? is absent.Β  And I get to see a lot of authors I’ve now known for many years, which is always a bonus. It’s really a great group of witty, lively, kind, people and I’m lucky to be associated with them. (It’s also the second year I’ll be attending as an author, which is also exhiler-fying.)

You should join us, if you can. The event itself is May 5th-6th at Waterstones, Nottingham. You can buy your tickets here. It’s a fun, friendly weekend of books, authors, and community. The after parties are lots of fun, too.

And if you do come, remind me that my tail is still attached, would you?


5 thoughts on “Holding onto my tail

  1. Don’t worry. I promise it will always be there every time you turn around. πŸ˜€ … have a blast, and remember to breathe … and tell us all about it afterwards. πŸ˜€


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