The good things, too.

I wrote a blog on my author site about depression and anxiety. If you want to, you can read about that here. It’s an honest depiction of what it’s like living on that particular merry-go-round.

Today, we’ve heard about the second celebrity suicide in a week. It’s awful, and sad. It’s prompting a lot of articles and letters about people not being alone in darkness and how to love and help someone who has depression. It’s nice to see the words.

A few other words I’ve seen have me thinking about something else. My friend wrote to me about gratitude, and how she wants to pay more attention to it on a daily basis instead of only when faced with other people not having what she does. And I read an article about empathy, and about remembering the things that make you smile.

So, along those lines, things I’m grateful for and things that make me smile:

  • My wife, who makes me laugh constantly and rolls with my truckload of crazy like it’s a grocery trolley.
  • My mom, who encouraged me to be whatever I wanted to be.
  • Our beautiful home, that reflects who we are.
  • The 16 types of birds that come to our feeders. Even though they’re messy buggers.
  • My 21 year old car that just keeps going. And the nicer one that’s safe and warm and comfy.
  • Travel! I love traveling to new places.
  • Trees. Especially when they’re singing with the wind.
  • Coffee. And coffee flavoured things.
  • Friends who are there, even when you don’t talk for ages.
  • Books, words, ideas.
  • Getting to do what I love, from home, in my sweats, next to my wife.

So, so much gratitude and beauty. Today, with the darkness and tar at bay, I can see it and hold it close.

How about you?

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