Prophetic multitudes

I was a weird kid.

I was a soul searcher. From a young age, I wanted to understand the nature of god (little g). I wanted to understand who was supposed to be out there listening. And why people where talking to a bunch of different entities they couldn’t see.

I wanted to understand faith. Believing even though there was no evidence or proof.

I went to churches, mosques, temples, and youth groups. Quiet and solemn to shouty and brimstone. I knelt, stood, sang.

And I read. A lot. Sacred texts, pamphlets, documents. And one day, many years into my search, I read The Celestine Prophecy.

It’s a work of fiction about searching for answers and trying to find your place in the world. There were a few things in it that stuck with me, that hit me hard and helped make some sense of the world. A book of fiction made more sense than much of what I’d studied for years. It wasn’t a fantastically written book, but it spoke to the searcher in me.

One of the ideas in it had to do with collective synchronicity. The concept that at certain major moments in time, people all over the world start thinking/writing/speaking about the same issue. It becomes a global mindset, a way of creating change.

I’m thinking about this right now in light of a seemingly insignificant thing that happened. I wrote a dystopian climate change novel that comes out this month. A friend of mine wrote a sci-fi novel about a woman who finds the planet she was supposed to help colonise has already been colonised, and not in a good way. They’ve both come out this month.

Our books both stem from our thoughts on climate change, and hers could easily be the sequel to mine.

It’s not unique that we’re thinking of climate change; it’s weighing heavy on many people’s minds. Rather, it’s the next steps of climate change, the what next, that seems to be being voiced. A kind of dramatic doomsday need to plan for full evacuation. Global minds, planning an escape route. That’s the synchronicity I’m seeing.

What will it lead to?

One thought on “Prophetic multitudes

  1. If, and it’s a reasonably big ‘if’, we, as a species survive the next few hundred years, the world we (you and I, etc) know would probably be almost unrecognisable.
    There’s a part of me that wishes I could be there to see it, and a part of me doesn’t. Such is the way of things I suppose.


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