Surrounded by work, by noise, by the need to be ever-available, it’s easy to forget to just breathe. To be in the moment.

I’m on a Greek island in October. This is my view every morning when I wake up.

And I am breathing. Like, deep breath, full soul, filling my being with silence and the distant call of kris-kris kind of breathing. I’m looking at my wife and seeing her beautiful eyes. We’re laughing, relaxing, hanging out with the parents, and exploring in the sunshine while dreaming of moving to a place where we could be this way all the time.

But I suppose it wouldn’t be that way if we lived here. Life must be lived, and that has to include the stressful bits that make mornings like this one that bit more precious.

Here’s to stopping to breathe. Hope you’re all well.

3 thoughts on “Breathing.

  1. And a very good morning to you!
    There is nothing to compare to that morning silence when there is just you and the surrounding hills. There is no one that needs a piece of you. I think the word ‘serenity’ might cover it.
    Enjoy! Dream about that future you, anything is possible.


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