Stop floundering aimlessly in word-land

Looe Harbour by Robyn Nyx

We’re currently on our annual personal writing retreat. There are some differences with this one that means my word count isn’t as high as usual by this point in the week, but they’re happy reasons, so it’s all good. I’m still averaging about 4,000 a day, which isn’t bad.

I’m blogging a bit over on my author page about my writing struggles this week, and it’s making me think craft things.

I’m a pantster. I have a general idea of what’s going to happen, but how I get there is a bit of a mystery until it happens.

I don’t recommend this.

Because as has happened, I’m floundering. I don’t have a road map, and as such, I can get aimless. That means I’m writing slower, and without direction.

On the other hand, I’m fixing some line level things and taking more time to write in deep third, filtering out my filter words, and creating metaphors where there were bland spaces.

But I need to arc my pulse points at the very least so I have a minimal map to my ending. That will help refocus the work and prevent plot gaps.

It’s nice when you can switch to your editor hat and be stern with yourself.

So this weeks writing tip: don’t get on the road without a decent (not vague) idea of how to get to your destination.

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