Okay. So, I’m pretty laid back, overall. I have my pet peeves, but I generally leave others well enough alone. Mostly because I’m not a people person to begin with, so other people’s drama flies right past me, like bubbles in the wind.


Lately there’s been something really getting on my nerves (and Nic’s, really) and I’m wondering if we’re just oddballs.

Relevant tangent in 3…2…1…

I swim on Tues and Thurs at our gym. I wear headphones so I don’t have to listen to other people yammer about their kids or jobs or the weather. It can get really busy, which I find stressful, as I hate dodging other people like we’re salmon in a closed system. So I usually leave if it’s like that.

Today there were only two people in the pool, and the fast lane was empty. Thanks to my new obsession with green circles on my Fitbit that was perfect, as I wanted to really swim. Then the other two people got out, and it was empty for about five glorious minutes.

And then…people.

A lady gets in and moves right to the fast lane rope beside me. In an otherwise empty pool, right beside me. Then another lady comes in, and gets in the fast lane. And she and the other lady proceed to leisurely swim up and down the rope line, chatting.

I wanted to drown them both.

And return to the primary topic in 3…2…1…

This happens a lot lately. There’s loads of space, but someone will come and work out right next to us. Or get the locker right next to ours in an empty locker room. Or push right up against you with their cart in the store.

Are we the only people who like space? Who look around and find a place not to encroach on others? Why? Why do people have to be right where we are? Are they really not aware of there being more space, other space? Do they so not care about people being next to them?

Is this a peculiar quirk? Do you care or pay attention?

Because seriously…my Latina side is about to pop out like an evil, Mexican jack-in-the-box.

8 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. A. You’re not alone. I may talk to complete strangers in lifts and queues, but I HATE when people needlessly get up next to me, especially at restaurants and in parking lots.
    B. Let that jack-in-the-box go FREE!
    C. Get and post video of said JitB being freed. Consider it a The More You Know™ for those in need. 😉


    1. A. You’re already better at peopleing with that one statement than I’ll ever be.
      B. It might be too hard to put back in the box!
      C. If it comes out we’ll send the video to you first.

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  2. It’s always happening to me too. On an empty beach about 2 miles long, my wife and I sit to spend a few hours. We both love space. A woman comes and sits next to us and talks loudly for the next 30 minutes on her mobile phone. 😱. Wherever we go and find space people will always fill it. Why?


    1. Right?? I’ve had this happen on a beach too. Is it that other people don’t like being alone? Or are they just totally unaware of the world around them?

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  3. Those are what I call “Step off my Rainbow” moments. Depending on when they happen and where, it could be the person gets close in the HOPES you’ll talk to them — you’ll see them as worthy of your attention.. The ladies swimming is a weird one. Maybe they’re the pool bullies. Maybe the swimming beside you and talking across the pool is their passive aggressive way to “push you out”. Really though people are pretty self-centered and often run around in their own little world without much thought of people outside their bubbles. They are becoming so used to creating and controlling their spheres — because they carry them in their phones and can connect anytime they want — and usually block out the world around them. Now that behavior is affecting the way they behave beyond their online social network. It is affecting the way they behave and interact with the world around them…. Oooh that is scary. Did I just make that up? I think I did. 🙂

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  4. Herd instinct. As far as our hind brains are concerned we’re still little barely-upright hominids venturing out into the grasslands for the first time where everything we can see will kill us or wants to eat us.

    T’aint gonna change unless you speak up, claim your space. Every. Damn. Time.

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