The Italian way. Day 1: Milan

We’ve been talking a lot about memory recently and how important it is to chronicle things, so you have photos/words to look back on.

So I’m going to write some snippets about this trip we’re on (our honeymoon, actually) so I can go back to them one day. And you might like the info, if you ever do this trip too.

So. Day 1: Milan

We stayed in a suite at the Uptown Palace, about a ten minute walk from the Duomo. The room was stunning and even had two full bathrooms as well as a wraparound balcony. We were both pretty tired when we got there after a spitfire couple of weeks, so it was about chilling. Nic napped and I took a zillion photos from our amazing balcony. Plus, there was a gorgeous heat lightning storm in the distance that we watched for ages.

The room service meal was phenomenal. I had a beautiful chicken and walnut salad and Nic had salmon and veg. The electric curtains kept out the light and there was no city noise at all.

Great location and great service.

Tomorrow: Lake Como

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