Day 2: Milan and Lake Como

We woke up early and decided to have a wander through Milan, since checkout wasn’t until noon.

What a beautiful, stunning city. A perfect mix of ancient and modern. We headed straight for the Duomo but there was plenty to see even in the short ten minute walk from the hotel.

The Duomo is the largest church in Italy and fourth largest in the world. And I swear it looks like it’s made of marble lace. Well, lace with a ton of amazing, and often disturbing, sculptures all over it. (Like the woman with a knife in her neck!) I was genuinely overwhelmed by the beauty and age of it, which made me trembly inside. It was awesome in the truest sense of the word.

Our wandering took us into a beautiful shopping gallery, past other ancient buildings, and into a very cool Starbucks Roastery, (I collect the mugs from wherever I go in the world. Don’t judge) which was fun to see.

Then we hurried back to the hotel to pack and checkout and made the hour journey to our apartment rental in Carate Urio, and the scenery was beautiful. The apartment is cozy and has a stunning view of the lake. We relaxed on the deck under the hazy sky, and then got ready for dinner at Aqua Dulce.

The food was divine, the view was perfect, and we were able to simply enjoy each other’s company.

A perfect day.

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