Day 3: Orrido de Nesso and Bellagio

I can’t sleep when I’m hot. Like, I get cranky and tossy-turny and evil. So I got up, piled cushions on the floor in front of the open deck doors, and lay there until I cooled off.

And that took me into the day on a little over 3 hours sleep. I got five the night before, so I should have been running on empty. But we’d planned to take the ferry from Como to Bellagio and I was really excited.

But it turns out it’s not all that easy. Parking is a nightmare and even finding the docks is a challenge. After a light lunch we decided to just drive to Bellagio instead, but to take the coastal road through the villages.

It was fab. Tiny, twisty little roads through gorgeous villages led us to something I’d hoped to see but wasn’t sure we’d have the time: Orrido de Nesso–the Waterfalls in Nesso. They were gorgeous; tumbling into one gorge from several different sides, only to come together in one big fall under the bridge, which flowed into a short river that led into the lake.

It was breathtaking and we took the journey down to the little bridge so we could look up at the waterfall. That’s when we really saw the ancient ruin under the bridge, beside the waterfall. Really something special.

Then it was off to Bellagio, where we wandered the lovely (steep) streets and took in the lake from a new vantage point. It was more touristy, but nice. We caught the auto ferry back to the other side and had a pretty, leisurely drive to the apartment, where we had sandwiches for dinner and relaxed.

Here’s hoping for a better nights sleep.

2 thoughts on “Day 3: Orrido de Nesso and Bellagio

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this Italian roadtrip — taking us on your honeymoon. ❤
    Love the photos and your commentary. Makes me happy to know you're out exploring with Nic.
    You two look like you're enjoying the magical charm of Italy has to offer. And best of all, I haven't been to any of these places yet. So you're setting a plan to follow. 🙂


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