Day 4: summer solstice birthday wanderings

I love waterfalls and there are a lot of them here. You just have to go in search of them. Fortunately we both love that kind of adventure. And with it being my birthday as well as summer solstice it seemed a good day for it.

Rain was forecast for the afternoon so we headed out in the morning. Our destination was Orrido de Bellano, the gorge at Bellano, on the far side of Lake Como. After that, we’d head higher, going until we crossed over the very top of the lake, and then driving back down the other side, thereby having driven the entirety of the lake, which appealed to Nic’s sense of finishing things and to my desire to see as much as possible.

It was an easy drive. There are a ton of really long tunnels on that side, so you don’t see a lot of landscape, but the length and types of tunnels are interesting too. The Orrido was well sign posted (unlike Nesso’s) and we got there with only one u-turn.

And wow. It sits above a church built in the thirteen hundreds, and it costs 4 euros to get in. The walkways are perfect for looking down at the lower falls, and the climb is gentle to the largest one. This isn’t a get your feet wet waterfall; it’s actually used to generate power, so it’s something to appreciate but not swim in!

It was stunning, with three massive falls and water a pastel jade that you have to see to really appreciate. We were there for about an hour and a half, just taking photos and breathing it all in. The Devil’s House, with its paintings and unknown origin, is really interesting.

We had a quick lunch at one of the only two lakeside restaurants, then made our way back to the tunnel road that took us across a nature reserve and the very top of Lake Como, the only place where you can drive across the lake.

On the other side we were surprised to find a lot of caravan holiday parks teeming with children and signs in English. We hurried through those, but we did stop for gelato in Dongo, where we saw baby grebes hanging out with their parent.

The rest of the drive was beautiful, and as we got closer to home we were both tired (four hours of sleep the night before was catching up with me) and so we headed home to have a quiet, relaxing meal on the deck. The forecasted rain sent about ten drops our way, and we were able to finish the night with a 2 mile walk around the village.

It was a perfect birthday. Yes, I feel fat and old and I wish I looked like an entirely different person, but I’m so grateful for this beautiful life I’m leading.

2 thoughts on “Day 4: summer solstice birthday wanderings

  1. I had to look “grebes” up — I thought it was a word for “grubby kids”. 🙂
    Belated Happy Birthday wishes. Remember, YOU are a STAR. Blinding heat and power on the inside and shining brilliance on the outside. You lift those around you with your warmth and glow. Float like the heavenly body you are. 😉 Don’t listen to that little negative voice. There is no room for it, especially when you’re so busy doing fabulous things.


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