And the rest of Como

Honeymoon, week one: Lake Como

So, once it cooled down a little in Lake Como, I managed to sleep through the night. That means I spent my days exploring and relaxing, and my nights sleeping…and that meant I stopped blogging. Good intentions and roads to hell and all that…

The rest of the trip was fantastic. There was a massive thunder and lightning storm over the lake, it hammered it down in the morning, and then it was clear blue sky the rest of the day. We attempted to go to the only island on Lake Como, Isola Comacina, to rent a boat and putter around the island. Turns out, it was a local festival with fireworks over the lake at night, and there was no boating allowed.

It wasn’t unlike a California beach party, and we were out of there as fast as we could climb the hill back to our car. We headed to Como, thinking maybe we could get a boat further away, but that didn’t happen either. So we plugged in the address of a burger place, got lost, drove through a restricted zone (we’re waiting for the ticket), and had burgers that were pretty awful. No wonder they eat a lot of pizza and pasta…

We spent the last day relaxing in our cute little apartment, looking out at the lake and just being glad to be there.

Lake Como is beautiful. It’s crowded, the driving is insane, and if you’re there over a weekend, be prepared for insanity. I’d love to go back, but probably in the quiet season, when we can drive around without the chaos.

Next: we’re off to do the Pompeii/Vesuvius thing…

My favorite photos of that week:


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