Week 2: it begins with a walk

If you’ve never been to Milan airport, let me set the scene:

It’s Sunday. We figured it would be a little quieter. We arrived in plenty of time, as we always do because I’m a panic traveler.

The doors open to chaos. Loud, unruly, rushing chaos. Eat or be eaten airport madness. We get in the check-in line, knowing our bags might be a little too heavy, and have people glued to the back of us the whole time, constantly pushing forward like lemmings toward a cliff.

We get to the check-in–it’s automated machines, not people behind desks, though there are ‘trainees’ standing beside them, helping you do everything the machine is supposed to do for you. And thank the skies for that. Because the machines were running like they were still on dial-up. You could almost hear that special noise it used to make when you booted it up.

And people were shouting. Yelling at other people to hurry up, being told they were in the wrong line and doing some more yelling. Other people yelling from the back when it looked like someone was cutting in line. And all of this done in various languages.

Chaos. We couldn’t help but laugh.

And once we were through, we made it to the gate with no problem and the flight was an easy hour or so down to Naples, where we picked up our car and headed to our place for the week, a resort in Vico Equense, not far from Sorrento.

It was HOT. Like, 30 degrees kind of hot. When we got to the resort, down steep, narrow roads, we were impressed by the size of it. It’s right on the water and surrounded by cliffs. At check in, the receptionist said she’d take us to our villa to help us find it… And it was good she did.

It was a quarter of a mile from the reception area. Past pools, past the spa, past vineyards and apricot trees. The villa itself needed a bit of love, but it was huge and had an amazing view of Mt. Vesuvius, right there across the water. We left our bags in the villa and headed straight for the spa area, where there were five different pools and no kids. We had dinner at the resort, looking out over the water, the volcano in the distance. It was surreal, and incredibly beautiful.

There was aircon in the room, and I slept better than I had for the last week, which was a blessing.

Tomorrow: Pompeii.

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