Building, learning, flaying


1 a : a list or supply of dramas, operas, pieces, or parts that a company or person is prepared to perform

b : a supply of skills, devices, or expedients; broadly : amount, supply

c : a list or supply of capabilities

I’ve lapsed on my desire to use a word of the day for more regular blogging, mostly because I’ve been reading. Real, paperback books with ink and pages. And I’ve been loving it.

And so today’s word resonates, especially as I begin to put together a course and presentations for an upcoming trip.

I think, when you’re in your twenties, you believe you have the keys to the kingdom. There’s little you aren’t good at, and you’re ready to learn more, even though you know it all already.

And as you get older you begin to realise how little you know in the scheme of things, and you really begin to learn. That’s where I am now. I’ve learned quite a bit, and yet there are tomes of things I don’t know or understand yet. And the best thing about that?

I love it.

I love learning. I love adding to my own repertoire by learning from people who have a supply of capabilities far beyond my own. I love passing that knowledge on once I’ve got a handle on it myself. And I love knowing it will never stop. There will always be more to add, more to learn, more to share. I’m at a place where I can value what I do know, and yearn for that which I don’t. And that makes each day an adventure where I try to learn something new or take on something I don’t agree with, so that I can truly flay at my understanding of it until I reach the core and know why I believe and feel as I do.

Today’s word is repertoire, and I’ll be forever building mine.

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