Creation and nerd references


How often have you, as a reader, thought about the world behind the book? The aspect of creation?

Do you enjoy meeting authors? How important is it to you that you have some inkling of who the author is behind the books you enjoy?

I think, in this world of voyeuristic, instant response social media, we’re far more in touch with authors than ever before. There used to be some mystique, some element of distance between book and author.

I gave a little squeal the other day when one of my favorite authors responded to a tweet I put out about her forthcoming tv series. I’ve never done that in my life. The one time I met Stella Duffy I started crying like Sheldon meeting Mark Hamil.

(Are you nerd enough to get that reference?)

Being on the other side of that fence is odd. When people tell you how much they enjoyed your book, when they show you the tattoo they got inspired by your characters…it’s quite surreal, truthfully. I tend to give the situation an awful lot of suspicious side-eye. Why are they saying these nice things? Are they just being kind? Do they feel obligated?

And then I sit in front of a blank screen, as I’m about to do tonight, to begin the next one, and the process begins again. Sweat details, write, flow, block, write, eat, coffee, write. Backtrack. Delete. Write, flow, plan, contemplate, block, eat, coffee, write.

Edit. Proof. Publish.

I love the process, and I’m learning how to be the public persona, I think. I wonder if any author ever feels totally comfortable in that space?


My sixth book comes out today. Changing Course is available through Bold Strokes Books, and available worldwide from other sites on the 15th.

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