Curtain call

2019 has had its curtain call. It’s been a year of political drama, of travel, of decisions. Of family and friendships both gained and lost.

We went to Italy three times, and to Texas, New Orleans, and Provincetown. And Spain. And Amsterdam. It’s been an amazing year of adventure.

And we’ve got some big plans in 2020, things that are equally scary and exciting. Less travel, for sure, but quality of life changes that mean we get to build something promising together. Something we’re both really passionate about. And how awesome is that?

I’m still dealing with crushing self-loathing and depression but I have more good days than bad. Overall, I’d say I hate myself most days but try to ignore it for the most part, like an errant mole or a tiny hole in the stitching of my favourite pants.

I’m lucky to have a wife who gets me and has yet to divorce my crazy self. I’m lucky to have loving, funny family. I’m lucky to get to do what I love. I’m lucky to have released two novels in 2019. I’m lucky to have a couple of really good friends.

I’m lucky to still be here.

And so, I say farewell to 2019, a year overflowing with great stuff, and I welcome 2020 and the big changes it will bring with it too. I hope it brings you all you hope for as well, and that we see the kinds of changes we’re hoping for on a global scale, too.

Some pics of our year:

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