The beauty of breathing


Yes, I know. Breathing is one of those necessary things, something we must do in order to be considered alive. Being able to do it doesn’t make you all that special.

But it’s also something we don’t notice until it goes wrong. Because it’s automatic, because it’s one of those functions that just is, we fail to notice when we’re not necessarily doing it right.

And you know, I do think it can be done right. Well, even.

That is, perhaps, one of the best things about getting away from daily life. Being out in the countryside, away from daily distractions, stresses, city noise and diversion; all things that make you breathe not as well.

There’s something special about standing under a full moon in a darkness unsullied by streetlights and taking in a long…deep…breath. Feeling the cold, crisp air fill your body as you listen to the owls calling to one another across the night sky. Closing your eyes and feeling your lungs expand to take in life, to remind you that you are, in fact, alive for more than work, for more than worry. You are alive to experience, to breathe deeply of the world around you. Take it into you, make it part of you, and carry it with you back to the bustle and breathlessness of daily life.

And maybe learn to breathe deep, at least once a day; breathe in serenity, breathe in peace, breathe in the gratefulness of being able to breathe.

That’s today’s thought, anyway. Breathe deep.

One thought on “The beauty of breathing

  1. Yes. I’m getting ready to do that this weekend and am so looking forward to it. Unplugging and breathing is good for the soul.


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