Hot stories from fabulous authors.

My first short story was published in an erotica anthology.

I’d gone to GCLS, a conference celebrating lesbian fiction, and it opened up a whole world I didn’t know about. Kind, friendly, generous author Lori Lake convinced me to submit a story to a forthcoming anthology. I’d had a few poems published but could I write a story that was good enough? Apparently so.

That was more than a decade ago. I’ve published about twenty more since then, and so this month’s book box feels particularly special; this time, I was able to send out the call and encourage new authors who were as unsure as I was a decade ago to give it a whirl. And seeing how excited they are makes me almost unreasonably happy.

And to have my name on the cover feels very much like a writing dream coming full circle. To every author who contributed, thank you. To BSB, for giving me the chance to run with it, thank you. To Lori, for putting me on the path in the first place, thank you. To my wife, who believed and encouraged, thank you.

And to you who read it, I hope you enjoy every moment of the warm tinglies and deep sighs of satisfaction this anthology brings you.

Silk and Leather is available April 1st. You can get it here.

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