The good stuff

I’m not sure what there is to say that hasn’t been said. The conversation about the pandemic is widespread and covers so many issues. People seem to be either scared, or not nearly scared enough.

Personally, I’m scared. But in a rational, logical way. A pandemic virus killing thousands is scary, and I think it makes sense to be scared. Not panic buy ninety five rolls of toilet paper and seventy cans of soup, scared, though. But definitely more scared than let’s go hit the beach with four hundred other people for spring break.

We’ve heard all the numbers and government lectures. So I’ll skip that.

What I’m interested in is the silver lining stuff. And there’s a fair whack of it.

  • I keep seeing stories about people going to their neighbours house to see if they need anything from a store run.
  • The water is clearer in Venice, a city I adore.
  • Air pollution in NY and China is considered way down.
  • LA freeways are empty, and that’s going to be good for the air quality there, too. And the road rage.
  • More than 14,000 medical workers have come out of retirement to help, and how amazing is that? (In the UK)
  • A couple of teenagers have started a thing where they’re taking bags of necessities to the vulnerable people in their area, just so they can help.
  • Free online concerts are constantly popping up on my feed, from both big names and everyday folks (check out Rock the Lockdown).
  • People are organising online movie watching parties, book groups, and games. Others are doing video messages, encouraging comments and discussion.
  • There are big name people who own hotels who have closed them to the public so they can be used by medical staff.
  • Animals are roaming a little more freely.
  • People are being kind to strangers.

In the most wonderful, strangest way, it’s bringing people together. It’s allowing us to use the internet and social media for genuine support and I really think people might get to know each other better as time goes on. Who knows, maybe seeing the effects of environmental change will help us find ways to make that more permanent.

Yes, it’s scary, and yes, it may yet get worse. Yes, there are not-nice people and things happening too. But how great is it to see all the lovely people doing great things, even as we give the environment a rest?

Stay safe and be gentle with one another.

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