I still hate cauliflower.

This is a zorse, a crossbreed of a zebra and a horse. It has nothing to do with this blog.

I’ve wanted to write something since the event ended but I haven’t been able to create coherent thoughts. So I think I’ll do a list, as an old friend taught me to do when the words aren’t flowing.

  • Community is good.
  • A community of old friends is even better.
  • People can be mean.
  • Losing friends can hurt as much as an adult as it did as a child.
  • The world feels big and small and confusing and sad.
  • I’m so glad I have my pretty little corner in it.
  • There is grace in being okay with less.
  • And in appreciating the gems instead of missing the ones you don’t have.
  • Medication is a blessing.
  • Reminiscing can be really heartbreakingly lovely.
  • Being settled is not the same as settling.
  • I am blindingly lucky.
  • Getting older has an awful lot of perks involving understanding.
  • And an awful lot of grey hair.
  • Self loathing is hard to rid oneself of.
  • But it’s worth trying.

I hope you’re well. I hope you can see the blue sky beyond the clouds. I hope you are happy and can take a deep breath and laugh with someone who accepts you for you, in all your youness. Feel free to share your own list with me…

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