Utterly Random Things

A random photo of our giant dahlia getting ready to burst open.

I feel the need to put something down but there’s nothing really coherent in my head. So here is a random list of brief thoughts and such. Just because. And, a question for you.

You know what’s weird?

Autumn leaves on the trees in the back yard. In July.

But in those trees there’s also a squirrel drey, and watching them build it is very cool. I can’t wait to see baby squirrels.

Today we bought a few new beautiful dahlias. I love seeing colour in the garden while I’m typing in the writing studio.

And I am writing again, though very slowly. But some words are better than no words.

I am still having chest pain and such. But I’m alive and that’s just right.

I get to work with some AMAZING writers. One of them gets me thinking deeply about life and what it means to be here. And as you know, I really like to ponder things without answers. And why not?

Which brings me to selecting people I know and asking them, quite randomly, what their passion is. Because knowing someone’s passion can tell you a lot about them. I’ve received some fantastic, ponderific answers.

What is your passion? I’d like to know.

It’s nearly August. People are talking about Christmas. What a very strange year.

So. Your passion?

7 thoughts on “Utterly Random Things

  1. I can’t really say I have any passions, per se, just interest. I’d like to think my passion is writing, but that quickly changes when it comes time to stare at the blank page. It’s the thing that I see myself doing my entire life though, so there’s that. Thanks for this post!


    1. I understand about the blank page!
      I think doing something, regardless of the ups and downs, definitely qualifies as a passion.
      Thanks for responding.


    2. Hi Stuart!
      I think maybe you’ve hit the nail on the word-head—it’s what you can see yourself doing for a long time. What else is that if not passion, especially when the blank screen taunts the way it does?
      Thanks for responding. 😁


  2. My passion has become living and experiencing life and growing beyond my comfort zone. As my wife has taught me, that’s where the magic happens.


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