Dream a little dream

Street art in Brussels

I keep having really vivid dreams. My teeth falling out is a recurring one. And being chased or scared is actually making me cry out/whimper in my sleep, until my wife wakes me.

My wife, too, has vivid dreams. She can sit up and look at whatever she’s dreaming of and swear it’s there (the giant spiders everywhere was a tough one).

The thing is, normally I really like dreaming. I love the characters and situations and madness. I can often remember them, too, which apparently isn’t all that common. My wife rarely remembers hers, even if she’s held me down to protect me from the bad guys.

I read an article suggesting that creative people dream more, but there’s no real empirical proof of that. Scientists don’t actually know for certain why we dream or why we often can’t remember them when we wake. How amazing is that? Something all humans do and probably have since we lived in caves, and we still don’t know why. I love that.

What I do believe is that if we could dream during the day, if we could collectively dream of a better place, then maybe we could put it into practice. Maybe we could dream up a better world.

What a lovely dream that would be.

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