Connect with Abandon

Look for the good. I mean it.

I had a wickedly scary time last week. My health after Covid seems to be all over the place, much like it is for many people. And last week was a topper for me. You can read details here, if you want.

What I want to talk about though is connection.

I considered not mentioning what I’d been through. I’m a private person, believe it or not. But after talking to my wife about it, it seemed important on a couple of levels. First, I think sharing a scary situation that turned out okay is good—when others go through it, maybe it helps. Second, I turned to two things when I was most scared—my wife (my rock, my everything) and stories. Because love and words are incredibly powerful.

And the number of people to reach out has been surreal. And that’s what I want to say here.

First of all, thank you. People’s kindness has been above and beyond, from flowers from a friend in Australia to local brownies hand delivered, to a beautiful new journal. And so, so many emails from people checking in. My wife has been, truly, outstanding in her patience, kindness, and sweetness. And without her, I can’t fathom where I’d be. And the emails from friends have reminded me that there are people out there who care.

When the brownie-friend came by, we talked about the state of the world, and how incredibly daunting and scary it is. And I was reminded how my connections reacted in the wake of my health crisis. And so I’ll tell you, as I told my friend—look for the good. For the cyber strings that loosely (and tightly) keep us in touch with one another. Look for the laughter, the support, the jokes. Look for the stories about people taking care of one another. Look for the people who care about you. Look at the generation who are more aware and more intense than I ever was at a young age. Look for the inventions and innovations. Look on a local level, outside government charades and global illness. Look in your circles and at grass roots stories.

Really—look for it. Type in Good News to Google. Share a bit of something that made you smile with a friend. Ask them what made them smile today. Make our hugely cyber connected world work for you. Shift focus so that you can create a more positive place for yourself. I think we need to battle for ourselves against the storm of chaos encompassing the world right now.

Use your connections. Connect with abandon and openness. Share the deeper bits of yourself with those you’re close to. But do it—social media makes it really easy to be passive, to scroll and blink and fade away. We have to shrug off that passiveness and take an active roll in keeping our connections intact on a more meaningful level.

Look for the good. It’s out there, I promise. And the more we find the more we share and the more we can, maybe, create.

Look for the good. Stay safe. Reach out. Hang in there.

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