2020 Thanks

Thanksgiving 2020. It’s surreal in many ways. It feels like much was taken away this year; for some of us, the ultimate loss of people we cared about. For others, peace of mind, loss of income, loss of companionship. Worry about loved ones became overwhelming.

That makes today especially important. Taking the time to be thankful for what we Do have is critical.

I am thankful to have made it through having Covid and the successive illnesses that came after. I’m thankful for my wife who made me laugh and let me cry. I’m grateful for our warm, beautiful home, for our family, for our few but steadfast fast friends, for our daughter who is doing so well in the military.

It’s too simple, really. A few sentences don’t nearly speak to how grateful I am for my life. But for now, it will have to do, as the deeper stuff feels too raw, too real, to share right now.

I hope your day brings a smile or two and some peace.

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