The shortest day

God, haven’t the days been dark? Metaphorically and literally, I mean. Today is winter solstice, the shortest, and darkest day of the year. Sunset here in the UK was at 3:49 in the afternoon. When you don’t go to sleep till 10:00, that’s six hours of darkness.

But tomorrow we go the other way. The light begins to return and that means spring will, eventually, get to us.

Yeah, there are probably some metaphorical dark days ahead. But they’re mixed with light too. A vaccine is out there, making the rounds. At some point, we’ll cross the threshold and head toward spring in that way, too.

It has been a tough year for most of us, and for some more than others. But isn’t it amazing how so many people came together, too? That people are making more of an effort to communicate? That small businesses found a way to stay alive via delivery, and people actually turned to them for a bit of lightness throughout this time? (Want a great example of small business success? Check this out.

So I suppose this is my way of saying: hang in there. The light will return, and we’ll share our stories and hugs once again. Thanks for reading here at An Editor’s Musings. I’m grateful for your time and comments and the things you’ve shared.

See you soon.

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