And the wheel turns

2020 went out like it spent much of the year: strolling empty streets, wondering where everyone went and why it wasn’t invited to the party that wasn’t even going on.

At our house, it was bright and cheerful and there was laughter. The one time we went on the motorway I was reminded what it looked like out there:

And it was surreal. Empty lanes led to a place where everyone else was wearing a mask. Seeing only half of someone’s face is now normal. There’s this strange apocalypse feeling, and yet it’s lacking the funky leather clothes and weaponry.

We watched a movie tonight about dragons creating an apocalyptic world…in 2020. Ten years ago they imagined dragons would bring the world to its knees. They didn’t consider a virus where street signs told you to stay home. I feel a little let down.


Welcome to 2021. The world changed last year. Let’s see what that leads to this year, shall we? (But let’s keep doing it together.)

3 thoughts on “And the wheel turns

  1. Happy 2021, doll. Here’s to wishing you strength and patience as we move through and forward, not knowing what lies ahead. Holding fast to the belief that it is blessings and peace and justice that will come. xo


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