It takes a village

It can be incredibly hard to ask for help. And in times when lots of people are hurting, even more so.

But if anything, the pandemic and climate ravages have shown that community does come together to help those in need. So I’m hoping that will be the case now.

Part of my Mom’s roof collapsed in the recent snow storms in Texas. My beautiful godmother, Gerri, my mom’s friend of 45 years, has set up a Go Fund Me page to help her with repairs.

I hope you’ll read on and consider maybe putting a buck or two her way if you can .

My godmother has said a bit about my mom in the funding page. Here’s what I have to say:

My mom was a wild teenager when she had me. She had no idea what to do with a howling ball of poop. But she figured it out. She took me with her to continuation school so she could get her GED. She taught herself accounting and worked her way up, figuring out how to make things work for us as we went. She bought me books as often as she could, played Chinese checkers with me at night on my bedroom floor, and never missed a football game or awards ceremony.

When she became disabled, she did what she has always done; she forged ahead and figured out how to live her best life anyway.

She is outrageous, funny, witty, and insanely kind. She has a dark sense of humor she passed on to me, and she has a wonderful dog and two beautiful kitties. She’s been working really hard to make her little house perfect, and this is a tough blow.

I know times are tough all over. If you could help her out with a penny or two, that would be amazing. Or, if you could share the funding page, that would be great too. Thanks so much.

Here is the link.

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