Out of Plato’s Cave

It’s my one year anniversary. Which is far less exciting than most one year anniversaries.

It’s a year almost to the week that I came down with the coronavirus. And today I received my vaccination so I don’t get it again, and so I don’t have it and pass it on. I have no desire to be the reason someone dies, you know?

What has my year looked like?

Ten weeks of illness. Followed by two bouts of pneumonia and a chest infection. So that was half a year, gone. Sluggish, draining, lagging energy levels that kept me from walking up the stairs without being breathless. Slowly, so slowly, recovering. Seeing friends who weren’t recovering at all.

And then a trip to and a stay in the stroke ward. The nurses were amazing. The need to go alone, as my wife watched the ambulance take me away, was not.

Dizzy spells, heart palpitations and searing chest pain, and debilitating migraines were followed by…seizures.

It has been a tough year. But…

My wife is incredible. She’s been at my side, crying with me, making me laugh, stroking my head, and occasionally giving me a strong nudge to keep moving forward. She has been my absolute rock. I can’t imagine going through this stuff without her.

And then there have been the friends—people who check in, have good conversations, send things to make us smile. People who remind me that although our bubble is necessarily small, it won’t always be. There are kind, funny people beyond our walls.

There’s also writing, and editing, and new projects, and clients, and author chats, and MasterClasses and zoom meetings with plenty of laughs. There are great books to read and always, always, new things to learn. Words in so many forms that create escape and love and laughter and philosophical meandering.

I got my jab today, and it feels like the door opening, like it has been unlocked and in ten weeks or so, we can walk through. Out of Plato’s Cave and into the light, so to speak.

See you there.

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