What are you planting?


After a tough 12 months, being able to walk amongst the snowdrops and jonquils was a spring blessing. Tiny leaves sprouted from budding willows, little ferns were waving into warm air, and dark ivy was taking on a bright new sheen. I took lots of deep breaths, filling my lungs with crisp air and peace.

Change is inevitable. Small changes or large, it comes with the territory of being among the living. The world has unquestionably changed, and will continue to do so.

As we enter the season of rebirth, what is it you want to plant and grow for the coming year? What dull, damp, dead things do you want to clear away to make room for the new opportunities waiting for you to feed them?

If this year has taught me anything it’s that I must actively pursue my dreams—if they’re going to come true I have to engage. And as of today, I’m making that promise to myself; I’m going to engage with my desire to do things in an effort to actualise them. Sure, travel may have to take a backseat again, but there’s plenty I can do around here, with my wife and family, and for my own enrichment.

I want to change for the better, in little and big ways. So that’s what I’m planting in my psyche. I’m in the second half of my life. So if not now, when?

How about you?

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