Seeing yourself on the page

Twelve years is a long time to do anything. I mean, not every day, but still.

The Bold Strokes UK book festival is in its twelfth year. From starting out on a weeknight with a few local authors, this year we have twenty-one authors joining us from all over the UK and EU.

The thing is, I believe in what I do. I love bringing together a batch of writers who focus on LGBTQ main characters, who create adventure and romance and thrillers and fantasy for queer characters who get their happy ever after.

Characters who don’t need to die, or feel bad about who they are, or have terrible things happen to them. Characters who love and puzzle things out and grow. I love being with a publisher who values these stories and who understands how important it is to people to see themselves in the literature they like to read.

So, come hang out with us this weekend. We’re still virtual until the pandemic has passed, so it’s free, and online. I’ll be there on and off throughout the day, along with some fabulous authors you know and plenty you might not.

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