Celebrating not being dead. Hooray!

I suppose most people just say it’s their birthday. But that’s what a birthday is, right? You lived through another year. You made it, buddy. Have some cake.

We now have what we call The Pandemic Years. What the actual flying monkey fuck? We are living in The Pandemic Years. How surreal is that? It’s history book stuff.

May you live in interesting times, or so the curse goes.

Anyway. Weird digression.

It’s my birthday. I am solidly middle aged. I’m built like a potato that’s been too long in the cupboard. A little wizened, a little squishy, a lot roundish. I have some bizarre health problems that I haven’t been able to bring myself to speak about publicly yet.

And yet, I am SO lucky. Like, double lotto winner in the same day lucky.

My wife is incredible. She’s romantic, patient, kind, genuine, and wickedly funny. After eight years she still buys me flowers every week. She does all kinds of things to make me smile, and I credit her strength and love for keeping me going and for making my life a rainbow flavoured sundae. She is my buddy of all things. Travel, adventure, business, writing. We spend 365/7/24 together and she still runs into the hall to hug me every morning (she gets up way before I do). She is the light when I’m fumbling in the dark wearing mismatched crocs and my underwear on backwards.


My mom is awesome. She’s tough, thoughtful, has a heart so big she’d save the world if she could, and she also knows her own worth. Never once did she tell me there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do. Cheerleader even though my forward roll was like that of a jelly bean? Why not. Accordion lessons? If that’s really what I wanted to play… And books. She bought me books and books and indulged my every desire for Nancy Drew.

I have amazing in-laws who give huge hugs. I have a handful of true, genuine friends who accept the damaged potato that I am and like hanging out with me.

I have made it to a point in life where I can breathe and tilt my face to the sun and wrap myself in the love and beauty of my bubble.

I lived through another year, and how insanely grateful I am for these interesting times.


6 thoughts on “Celebrating not being dead. Hooray!

  1. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear friend, happy birthday to you. You are awesome. Never forget that.

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