Solstice meandering

On the shortest day of the year when I’m laid up with a head cold, it seems a good time to reflect.

It began with a surgery that didn’t go quite right, and it has taken me nearly a year to heal. But, I’m healing and that’s the focus.

A new brain is called for, as the one I have has been diagnosed as having programming issues. My wife has been extraordinarily patient as we navigate these new waters where I occasionally can only speak a random word, like giraffe, or squidgy. If you have an extra, softly used brain, please send it my way.

We traveled. A lot. We spent several weeks in Westward Ho, writing and surfing/kitesurfing (that part was the wife, not me). We ran a few writing retreats in Wales. We went to Paris once and twice to Spain. And we jetted off to America for a few weeks of family time.

I got Covid for a second time because once just wasn’t enough. The wife got it this time too. Fortunately, we had a pretty easy time of it.

And of course, we wrote. I released two books this year, in September and December. Those were the next two in the Memory’s Muses series.

I’m struggling with self worth and value as life changes. Some of that is inevitable age-related change, some is health driven, some is chemical and solely to do with the black dog tar that infests my soul.

This can make blogging difficult. What would people possibly interesting about me or my thoughts? Hence the serious lack of words here on Musings.

I hope you’re well. I hope you’re thriving and have lots to look forward to in 2023. If you want to share, I’d love to hear it.

Happy Solstice and happy holidays in general. Wishing you peace and joy.


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