Workshops and Retreats

So, aside from writing, I also run a little social enterprise/CIC organizations (with my partner): Global Wordsmiths/Global Words Press.

Under Global Wordsmiths, I teach writing workshops (mostly in person, though I’m working on online options) and international writing retreats. An ongoing list of these can be found at

We also offer editorial feedback, publishing guidance, and assessment for those who need help on manuscripts already in progress/finished. But beware: I can be ruthless in my pursuit of better word management.

Global Wordsmiths, CIC works with marginalized communities in the Midlands on memoir projects. Over the course of six weeks, attendees are taught how to write a short memoir piece, with writing instruction and feedback throughout. At the end, these writings are compiled, edited, and published in a paperback book, which is then launched at Waterstones and is available on Amazon. You can find out more information about these projects here.