It Begins



Hello, and welcome to my new blog. If you’re here from the old one, thanks for coming along for the ride. If you’re new here, I hope you’ll join in the conversation and add your voice.


I just got back from a week long holiday, dedicated to writing.  While N had already booked the week off with the intent to work on her book, I went with the intent to write, period. I spend so much time editing and working on other people’s writing that I often fail to do my own. In fact, it’s been several months since I sat down to work on a new piece.

So off to Cornwall we went. My first day or two were spent working on some final things for Global Words (my social enterprise company). I didn’t really start writing until Tues, and I decided to work out a short story for a CFS. I seemed to slide into that pretty easily, until I realized the call was for a minimum of four thousand words instead of the more standard two thousand. But, I got to four thousand four hundred, and sent it off.

N convinced me I should begin working on the novel that has been buzzing about in my head for well over a year now, and dedicate Weds-Fri to it. And that I did. I ended the week with just over eleven thousand words on it, after three days. Not too shabby. And, I’m excited about it. I just have to manage to keep the excitement going, and not give up around the thirty thousand mark the way I usually do.

Question: What do you do to keep the writing mo-jo alive? How do you keep going when you hit a wall?

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