12 Days of Writing Tips: Day Three–Genre

What do you like to read? (You do read, right?)

Is that what you’re writing? 

There are various elements at play here. And they matter. 

Writing is about passion. When you write what you like to read, you’ll be more interested in what you’re writing, and that passion will transfer to the reader.

So choose your genre wisely. I’ve talked to plenty of authors who start writing in something they think will be ‘easy’ or ‘will sell’. But they’ve never actually read anything in those genres! (I’ve also spoken to several people who ‘hate to read. But [I] could still write a book.’ I hate riding horses. I wouldn’t try to be a jockey).

The thing with genre is that there are some rules to each one, and if you fail to engage those, your readers will be disappointed. And, if you’re not interested in that genre, you’re not going to do it justice.  If you’re not writing genre fiction, what literary tropes are you using? What universal themes are you exploring? 

Tip: write what you enjoy reading. Write what you’d like to read, but isn’t out there. Write with passion. And read

Writing challenge: what authors/genres do you like to read?  Share some of those authors in the comments! 

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