Oh yeah…

I’d forgotten. 

When I walked into the registration area, and it was all women, of varying ages, gender presentations, and shapes, I remembered. 

It’s a wonderful feeling, being surrounded by people who are interested in what other people have to say about a whole host of topics surrounding being a lesbian. The congenial atmosphere, the smiles, the encouragement, and the open conversations. 

It was very cool. 

And although I blundered through my presentation, sweating, stammering, and even occasionally swearing, I was glad I did it, and was really pleased with how well my co-panellists did speaking about cover design and the reasons behind writing lesbian romance. 

Conferences can be really scary. But they can also bring to light a world of fascinating information and projects other people are working on. I love the exchange of ideas and the sharing of passions. I love being part of that. 

I remember now… 

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