The big event is this weekend

If you know me, you know I’m super awkward and I sweat a lot when I’m around big groups of people. Not super-sexy, for sure.

But this year, that may be different. Because the 11th Annual Bold Strokes Book Festival (this year refered to as a Bookathon), is virtual. I get to see my fellow panelists, but I won’t have to worry about whether I’ve made eye contact too long or not long enough with the people who are attending. Bonus.

Here is the schedule, which I think looks pretty awesome. You have to download Zoom, which is where the festival will be held, and then you register over at the BSB website for the panels you want to attend. You’ll get an email with a link, you click the link, and viola’! You’ll be hanging out with authors all weekend long. Authors way cooler than me, and from other countries, too.

Here’s the program, and you can register here.

See you this weekend.

trifold program bsbuk 2020


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