Polenta Apple Pie

  • Wife: How are you feeling?
  • Me, contemplating: I need a code word.
  • Wife: You mean so you don’t have to keep saying you feel like shit?
  • Me, nodding.
  • Wife, thinking: okay… Polenta.
  • Me, serious: Polenta. Yes.
  • Wife: Apple Pie for medium, carrot cake for great.
  • Me, nodding.
  • Wife: so how are you feeling?
  • Me: Polenta apple pie.

It’s good to be with someone who understands you. Because when you’ve been ill this long, you truly do get tired of that answer. You get sick of admitting that you still feel like crap, and you feel guilty for having to say so. It becomes irksome for me, so surely it must be irksome for others. I’m not complaining—it is what it is, and at some point we’ll figure out what’s going on.

Until then…polenta.

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