Winter solstice, 2021.

We’re coming up on year two of the pandemic. That’s two years of a whole lot of darkness for a planet full of people. Not a city. Not a country. Not even a continent.

An entire planet affected by a single disease.

We’re living in a sci-fi dystopian movie. But we have no script.

Today, my wife and daughter and I went for a walk around the local lake. It was in the high 30s, but there were plenty of people out taking the same walk. We laughed and took photos and studied mushrooms. We got a coffee and strolled while drinking.

Our daughter went to her girlfriend’s house and then my in-laws came over. We had donuts and banana bread and chatted. Then my wife and I took a drive to get a few last minute gifts and to just spend some time together. Life in the pandemic goes on, and it actually doesn’t look a whole lot different. Know why?

Love. Real family and chosen. The simplicity of a walk in frosty air. It isn’t about what we can’t do. It’s about what we can.

And damn am I lucky. When my negative royalty cheque comes in and upsets me, when our trip gets cancelled as another country closes its borders, when there’s talk of another full lockdown, when I still can’t see my mom for a second year in a row…

I remind myself to look for the good. The simple. Our warm home. The loving arms of my wife. My daughter’s laugh. My mom’s wicked sense of humor and big heart. My in-laws and the strength of their hugs. The community of writers I’ve gotten to know and have grown so close to.

Today is the darkest day. But the light returns. It always does.

Happy Winter Solstice. I hope the returning light brings you peace, balance, and the manifestation of what you really want in the year ahead.

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